Happy International Day of Peace – how will you bring more peace into your life?

September 21st. Autumn Equinox and the UN’s International Day of Peace – http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/

If the idea of World Peace feels too overwhelming, start with yourself. What practical steps could you take to make your life more peaceful?

Little things, from getting more sleep to organising clothes and lunches the evening before could help you make your mornings more peaceful.

More challenging might be to think of yourself and others with peace and compassion. Experiment with it.

Sit comfortably and quietly repeat, ‘May all beings be free from emnity, harm and anxiety. May all beings live happily’.

Just typing this, I felt a mini-wave of wellbeing wash over me. The research backs it up. Metta meditations (like the one above) don’t just send good vibes to others but help us reduce our own stresses, anxiety, depression, helps avoid burnout and increases satisfaction with life.

It also helps us feel safer as, by sending out well wishes in all directions, we somehow change our relationship with the world around us.

In all your interactions today (and moving forward), look for ways to bring peace into your life.



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