What can you learn from your favourite brands?

Before you start telling yourself, ‘But they have enormous budgets, I can’t possibly do what they do,’ just let yourself think about which brands you admire.

You don’t need their budgets to be inspired by them. In many ways, being a sole trader and small means you can adapt your strategy more quickly and build stronger relationships with your clients and customers.

You may not be able to afford to give away £10,000 worth of goods or services like ProCook did after a glitch on the HotUKDeals website last week but you can ensure you listen to customers’ feedback and hear them especially clearly if they’re unhappy with anything.

You might not have the political sway of brands like Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (a recent flavour – Apple-y Ever After – showed their support for legalising gay marriage) but you, too, can think about how you want to express your values and beliefs, with humour, through your brand. Sole traders and small businesses, more than others, are able to express this authenticity.

While you may be a long way off being a sponsor for major sporting events, what’s stopping you sponsoring a local group (sports, theatre or anything else you want to patronise and have your brand associated with)?

So this week, when you go to buy anything from cereal to a winter coat, think about the brands you’re drawn to – what part of their message are you buying into? What kind of image do you have of them based on their marketing and PR strategies?

Let yourself be inspired.

Find out more at http://www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id20.html



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