Wishing you well for the weekend

It would be a bit hypocritical of me to include ANY wellbeing for the weekend tips today considering the crazy hours I’ve been working all week.

Am far from finished and will be working most of the weekend, too.

Sure, I love my work, but it’s not good. And I’ll sort things so next week and beyond are more about being well as well as writing and coaching around wellbeing.

So for now, just wanting to wish you all delightful weekends whatever you’re doing.

If, like me, wellbeing isn’t making the kind of appearance you’d like, just notice what you’re doing to stress yourself out. While it may not feel possible to eradicate your stresses, noticing them will at least help you put more support in place.

Find out more about improving your wellbeing at the weekends, at work and in all areas of your life at http://www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id1.html 


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