Who are you?

Image courtesy of poppad / freedigitalphotos.net

When  you think about your goal and yourself, does your ‘face fit’? Can you imagine yourself living that life? Doing those things?

Look in the mirror. Would upgrading your self-image help you feel more in tune with the you you’re in the process of becoming? A haircut? A new outfit?

How do your ideas about your identity support you as you take steps towards making this goal a reality?

What about self-sabotage? Which ideas about your identity hold you back? Maybe there’s a voice from your past (a teacher, parent, bully from when you were at school) sneering, ‘Who do YOU think you are?’

Remember the Olympics and Paralympics with all those amazing, disciplined, determined people feeding off the audience’s encouragement and support? Can you imagine them managing such feats if they’d been being jeered at instead of cheered?

Think of yourself. As you work on your business plan / novel / marketing strategy / art / job application / essay / audition piece / whatever it is that’s taking you out of your comfort zone but which will be totally worth it, do you have an inner voice cheering you on, telling you it will be worth it and that you can do it?

Or is your inner voice mocking you, talking to you with a harshness that you’d never put up with if it came from anyone outside of your head?

Be honest with yourself. Once you’ve listened consciously to these beliefs around your identity and your ability to achieve your goal, you can deal with them.

If (like so many of us), your inner voice is talking you down, I can help with NLP coaching. And if these negative beliefs run deeper, my counselling (www.psychosynthesisinessex.co.uk) can help.

But whether or not you choose to open up to me or anyone else about what you’re thinking about yourself, noticing these thoughts and consciously challenging the ones that hold you back is a great step towards a future where you can look at a mirror and know that your face is perfect as it is.

That everything you’ve done up until now has helped prepare you for this goal. And that you’re totally worth it.

Find out more about my NLP services at www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id4.html


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