What can you say ‘No!’ to this weekend?

After longing for a couple of days when you can please yourself, are you ever disappointed to realise just how much of your weekends are taken up with things you’re doing for other people?

I’m not at all suggesting anyone forgets their parental responsibilities or simply doesn’t do the extra work they agreed to. Just notice how your time is taken up.

Are there some things you have on this weekend which you wish you had said ‘no’ to?

What made you take it on?

What might you say differently next time?

How can you practice saying ‘no’ this weekend?

What (and who) do you find it easiest to say ‘no’ to?

Once you’ve carved out some time for yourself which you’ll have more energy to enjoy, what would you like to do?

Whether it’s spending time with the kids doing something you’ll all enjoy, meeting friends or taking some alone time, keep this image in mind over the coming week and let it help you make your ‘no’s that bit stronger.

And if you really struggle, I can help. Find out more about improving your wellbeing at the weekends, at work and in all areas of your life at http://www.wellbeing-at-work.co.uk/id1.html



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