Emotional growth spurts

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You know the old saying about how life gets your attention first by whispering and, if you don’t listen, ultimately, by shouting? I feel a little like life has been talking Very Loudly to me recently.

Over a 10 day period, almost every area of my life (from home life and work to relationships and every other aspect) shared the same theme. It was just popping up in different ways in each situation.

Dealing with the resulting issues in one area of my life would have been annoying enough but I felt a bit wiped out by ALL these life lessons at once.

Yes, I could see that I’d become stronger, that this time I was handling things better than I had the last time this theme was a big issue for me. But it was still annoying. I wanted peace, calm and fun!

I’m sharing this because, approaching each issue with an attitude of ‘What do I need to learn from this situation? How is this problem ultimately making me stronger?’ (as opposed to curling up under the duvet as I would have in the past), helped.

A facebook friend shared a post today about seeing challenges as a few pages in your life story, remembering that, in the grand scheme of things, whatever issues we’re facing right now, they’ll pale over an entire lifetime. And anyone can get through a few pages.

If you’re finding life challenging, can you be curious about whatever aspects of life are creating pain? Might the situation be teaching you something that will help you grow and evolve?

Most importantly, whatever you’re facing, remember that self-compassion makes everything easier. If you’re struggling with various challenges AND beating yourself up for having created them / failing to handle them perfectly, this is likely to make you feel worse. Self-loathing rarely helps.

If, instead, you can be kind to yourself and ask yourself in any given moment, ‘What would HELP me feel better right now? How can I support myself through this?’ you’ll make it easier to feel stronger because you’ll be working with rather than against yourself.

So for anyone out there going through your own emotional growth spurt, good luck! And trust that, ultimately, it’ll be worth it.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net / imagerymajestic


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