Holiday happiness


Have just had an amazing few days off. Went to Cornwall to see friends and between the lovely company, weather, gorgeous place to stay and so on, three nights felt as restful as two weeks.

Highlights included:

Swimming! (6 between arriving on Monday night and leaving on Thursday morning – 2 in the sea). I adore swimming so much, I think I might be part mollusc. Although the sea was very cold, it was blissful. I saw little fish underwater and the crystal clear waters felt magical. I could practically feel my system producing DHEA (a natural performance enhancing hormone which has all sorts of health benefits as well as reducing the production of stress hormones).


Staying in a gorgeous place with woodland and gardens (did some walking meditation and al fresco yoga). I took endless mental (while underwater) and actual pictures to store them up for when my soul needs soothing.


Being cooked breakfast after early morning swims.

Seeing an actual Telephone Box library in the village my friends live in. Seeing them on fb had delighted me in the past so to actually walk past one was brilliant.


Going on the ‘bouncealine’ (trampoline) with my friends’ daughter.

Playing tennis with my friend and her 2 year old (we figured that had we not been watching out for him, Serena and Venus might have felt more threatened but anyone watching would have disputed the term ‘tennis’ for our attempt. Still, we had a lot of fun).

Daily ice cream (in spite of all the swimming, ‘tennis’, trampolining and walking, all the eating has left me feeling that I probably gained some weight).

Being rowed from the quay near my friends’ house to a pub across the creek for lunch. Yes, getting off the tiny rowboat on a crowded beer garden / dock (and inexplicably rolling, A Team style, through the rails) was not my most elegant moment but the whole thing was spectacular. Idyllic even. Heavenly.


Taking time off work! I’d hoped to make inroads on a big writing project but ended up responding to just the most urgent work emails and actually taking a proper break.

Even though my choice of reading material (from assorted newspapers and magazines to books about trauma and anxiety) was work related, I felt so relaxed at points I wondered if I’d remember how to work when back home (I have remembered :)).

I love my day to day life so although it was one of my best holidays ever, as always, I was pleased to get home. Even so, I’ll definitely be doing what I can to bring more of this holiday spirit into my normal life – from making more time to see friends to upping my swims (and getting as many sea swims in this summer as possible) and even cooking more.

If you’ve come back from a lovely holiday (or if you’re about to go or even if you’re not going anywhere this year but know what you’d LIKE to be doing), think of ways to bring as much of it back into your everyday life as possible.

Metta xx

How HAVE you used holiday happiness to improve your everyday life?


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