Are you an integrative coach/counsellor/therapist? In London and surrounding areas? Do you want to join us?


I’m happy to say that I’ve been asked to take over facilitating the London AICTP* (Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals) group and have accepted.

Just like BACP Coaching, I’ve always found AICTP meetings inspirational (I’m an eclectic soul and it’s energising and refreshing to join others who are working ethically while blending coaching and therapy to best support clients by bringing more of themselves to sessions as appropriate).

Where does coaching end and therapy begin (and visa versa)? I love the discussions that continually emerge as we explore this from different angles.

As well as hearing from fab speakers, I’ve met some delightful coaches, psychotherapists and counsellors (many have proved reliable and interesting expert sources for psychology related features (often working to exceedingly tight deadlines) as well as sparking endless potential feature ideas).

The London group is next meeting on Tuesday, 19th November near Liverpool Street Station. The evening’s theme will be Coaching and Trauma and judging from the emails, messages and conversations so far, will be a pretty interesting and lively debate.

I’m excited to get to know people better and to encourage more like-minded souls to join us for a meeting and, if they like what we’re about, join us (just £25 a year).

So if you’re an integrative coach-therapist within easy enough reach of London, please email me ( for further details about this group.

Please share this post to help get the message out if you have any integrative coach/therapist friends.

And wherever you’re based, you can also ‘like’ our Facebook page, ‘follow’ us on Twitter and join our LinkedIn Group for interesting discussions and links as well as updates on the various groups.

Hoping to meet some of y’all soon.

Metta x


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