Integrative coach-therapy in Witham, Essex (and everywhere via telephone and Skype)


If you’re not sure whether you want coaching or counselling, you might be interested in finding out more about coach-therapy. This allows the focus to shift as you change and develop.

There’s an old coaching metaphor about someone being hit by a poison arrow and being asked loads of questions about where the arrow came from and so on (with the implication being that a coach would simply remove the arrow and sort the poison).

But that doesn’t give the whole story. Many of us have deeper issues. Coaching alone may not go deep enough meaning changes may be too much on the surface (less likely to last).

If we go back to that same spot and keep being hit by arrows, just dealing with the arrow might begin to seem futile. A counsellor would want to explore these unconscious motivations – what’s keeping you stuck in this old pattern?

Coach-therapy offers both approaches at different stages. While dealing with whatever you want to improve, if deeper issues surface, they can be addressed (if you want to), too, without your needing to be referred to a different therapist.

Click here to find out more and do get in touch if you’d like to chat about how integrative coach-therapy (or any of my Feel Better Every Day Consultancy services can help you get more out of life)

Metta x

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