Bowlby Conference on couples and attachment

Above: Sir Richard Bowlby presents a recording of John Bowlby talking about couples

I had a very interesting and inspirational time at the 21st Annual Bowlby Memorial Conference this weekend.

The theme was couples work from an attachment perspective. And apart from meeting some lovely people and having two nice chats with Sir Richard Bowlby (John’s son) who I’d met previously at my mother’s book launch a few years ago, my highlights included:

Dr Sue Johnson‘s (pictured below) illuminating speech which reminded me of hearing Byron Katie several years ago in that it was incredibly moving and funny. Like stand up therapy.

Above: Dr Sue Johnson

Dr Harbrinder Dhillon-Stevens’ talk on interacial couples made me cry at one point (I’m Indian Irish and found her talk of her experiences inspiring and eloquent – she reminded me a little of Gloria Steinem, dealing with challenging situations with articulacy and grace).

Above: Dr Harbrinder Dhillon-Stevens

I enjoyed the other speakers, too. At one level, attachment theory all seems so obvious (in an exceedingly simplified nutshell: that we all function best when we have a ‘secure base’ to explore from) it’s pretty amazing to think how pioneering the work was and continues to be.

Metta x


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