A different kind of coach – the Feel Better Every Day Consultancy is on the move…

Image courtesy of barkingdagenhamlocalhistory.net

Image courtesy of barkingdagenhamlocalhistory.net

I’m moving. Not far, just across the car park (so parking will remain the same for clients and yoga students – free during out of office hour sessions and a small charge and short walk from the Mill Road Car Park during office hours).

126 Newland Street is a Grade II listed building that dates back, in part, to the 15th century. I’ve developed a sudden interest in history and have been loving finding out more. Although the pic above is from a different part of Essex, I’ve been imagining Witham as it might have been 300+ years ago and, frankly, feeling a bit awed. Riding my bike around, imagining being on a horse and how so much has changed and yet so much, in terms of our humanity (we still have dreams and love and fears) remains the same.

My new room has beams and one of the details I found is that it was an inn house when Witham was a regular stop for travellers (being just a day’s ride from London – am glad journey time is now 45-55 minutes on the train!).

I like the idea that back when it was an inn, 126 Newland Street was noted for great service:

In 1711, two coaches a week linked London and Harwich, stopping overnight at Witham. By the middle of the century the Harwich coach was running daily while other services starting in Ipswich, Colchester and Norwich also used Witham as a stopover. Prices were relatively high – a coach journey from Witham to London in 1758 cost 12 shillings inside and 6 shillings outside. The Blue Posts Inn, the site of number 126 Newland Street, was particularly noted for its services, prompting one traveller to write: “Travellers frequently boast of the charms of an inn, but the Blue Posts at Witham is the best that I’ve seen. The rooms are so clean, and so delicious the diet, the servants all round desirous to please, that you find yourself here completely at ease”.’ 
And I’m enjoying planning redecoration to ensure it lives up to this history and is as comfortable and welcoming for my clients and students as possible in 2014 and beyond. I’ll confirm the date of the move when I know it for sure but it’ll be towards the end of December.
It’s a lovely space and I look forward to being based there.

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