Me on BBC Essex today with Sadie Nine talking innocent until proven guilty and, well, mostly that

I’d like to add (we ran out of time) that survivors who don’t report abuse of any kind are NOT responsible for potential future attacks. The perpetrators are responsible. There are all sorts of reasons for people not coming forward and heaping on blame on top of existing trauma and shame is not helpful.

The more people see justice being served and people being held accountable for their crimes (and hopefully rehabilitated and getting the help THEY need – healthy, happy people don’t hurt other people), the more confidence future survivors will have in reporting crimes themselves.

Yes, today’s Loud Women was more serious than usual with most of the discussion being around whether people who have been arrested for sex offences should be kept anonymous until proven guilty or whether seeing the name out there might encourage other survivors to come forward, heal their trauma and, hopefully, have their story heard and justice served.

It was interesting to hear from a magistrate, too.

You can listen to the whole programme (for the next 7 days) by clicking here (I’m on from around 1.15 to 2pm).

Do seek support if at all triggered or affected.

What do you think? Should anyone (regarding ANY crime) be named before there’s enough evidence to press charges and their name and details become public domain anyway? Feel free to comment below.





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