On ITV News (Anglia) talking about career paths and confidence

On ITV News (Anglia), 9/4/15

On ITV News (Anglia), 9/4/15

A few weeks back, I was asked to support a young woman, Leigh-Ann, by offering life coaching comment on a project she’s doing for the youth charity Fixers. I was asked to facilitate a simple vision boarding exercise for some older students at Basildon Upper Academy in order to help them access their inner wisdom when it came to the choices they’re facing.

Although when I usually do this kind of exercise with clients and workshop participants it’s more relaxed and easier to lose yourself in the process (very different being filmed and directed by producers), the students said that they’d benefited.

By supporting them in just allowing themselves to be drawn to particular words and images and creating a vision board, my hope is that they’ll add to them at home (where they’re not being filmed so have more time) and that they’re able to use what they’ve already created to boost their confidence in being true to themselves.

Sometimes results are very obvious and can keep us focused and motivated when working towards specific goals we’ve pictured on our boards. Other times, seeing it reminds us of a sense we felt while working on it and we can use that as guidance, too.

You can view Leigh-Ann’s film by clicking here and see some of my comment (plus extreme overuse of the word ‘wonderful’).

And (whatever your age), if you want to get out of your head and more in tune with your heart, you may want to take an hour or so to create your own vision board:

1) gather a wide variety of magazines, scissors, glue and some paper / card to use as a base. A3 size is ideal but you can make it any size

2) allow yourself to be drawn to whatever images, colours, words etc that appeal. There’s no need to analyse or judge, just cut them out and, when you feel ready, start sticking them to the board you’re creating

3) have FUN with it. Play with the colours and pictures and words. You might even want to embellish it with paints and glitters – make a mess and enjoy the process

4) when you feel like it’s ‘done’ hang it up somewhere you’ll see it several times a day. It can serve as a visual anchor to remind you of the kind of things you’re wanting to bring into your life (this may be literal or more abstract in terms of a feeling you got in touch with while creating it).

5) sometimes, that’ll be it. Other times, you’ll notice additional images and words when flicking through magazines and newspapers – cut them out and add them! Let your vision for yourself evolve

6) you might also want to play with digital vision board tools such as Pinterest to create ongoing inspiration for yourself


Eve x


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